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Arlo Parks shares bewitched new single "Caroline"

“Caroline” is a heart-rending love song about the pain of a break-up, carried by the delicate voice of Arlo Parks, who describes the colour and texture of her feelings. The single is from her upcoming debut album, Collapsed In Sunbeams.

This young English poetess aims to embody the human soul and all its various emotions. On this new track, “Caroline,” Arlo Parks explores the feelings behind a heart broken by passion in a lament on the guitar that includes a euphoric chorus. Specifically, she explains that “‘Caroline’ is a dissolution of passion that can happen at any time and for anyone.” Only 20 years old, the neo-soul prodigy has been experiencing a meteoric rise since her magical performance at the Colors Show with “Hurt,” as well as stunning covers of Radiohead’s “Creep” and Angèle’s “Ta Reine.”

She commands attention through laying her sensitivity bare, and through moving lyrics – it isn’t a surprise that she has a real passion for literature, claimingNayyirah Waheed and Hanif Abdurraqib as influences. Her long-awaited album is a reflection of her musical palette: intimate and rooted in stories that are both personal and universal. In short, she offers poetic soul music permeated by the urban melancholy her generation feels. To offer a taste of this, several tracks have already been made available:, “Green Eyes,” “Hurt” and “Black Dog.” 

Her album Collapsed In Sunbeams will be released on January 29. Available for pre-order here.

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