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The Madalitso Band release "Ndalakwanji" music video

In the new visual for “Ndalakwanji,” the duo use their own hand-made instruments to set the mood in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi.

Having been playing together for 10 years, Yobu Maligwa and Yosefe Kalekeni have developed an almost fusional relationship, and their concerts exude a contagious fireball energy. Their talent was first discovered by a local producer shopping in central Lilongwe in 2009, and widespread recognition came in 2017 when they performed their first concert at Zanzibar’s Sauti Za Busara. Six months later, they made their first flight to Europe and connected with audiences from the off.

 “So what that we can’t afford instruments, we’ll build our own,” say Yobu and Yosefe. Authentic and full of the syncopated and wild rhythms that are typical of Malawi, the duo induce smiles wherever they play, opening the door to their personal world of positive vibes. “Ndalakwanji” is one of the first songs the duo wrote and it captures the sound of the band in its rawest form. Yobu and his babatone set a bouncy rhythm that Yosefe accompanies with lush guitar riffs. In spite of the apparent joy, the song’s lyrics deal with difficult themes: “There are challenges everywhere, prices have gone up, there is disease – what have I done wrongly? We are free people, but some people want it all – how can that be good – surely we are all one. Tsoko Ilo – it seems there is a bad omen. What have I done wrongly?

Their debut album was released on March 29 on the Bongo Joe label.

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Madalitso Band – Story So Far 2