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Hassan Abou Alam delivers dark bass music jams on Fasla

After his latest EP on Lisbon’s naive label, rising artist Hassan Abou Alam steps up with a 4-track on Banoffee Pies Records.

After a series of works on the likes of naive, Not For Profit and Rhythm Section, the Cairo based producer Hassan Abou Alam returns to shake the breakbeat scene with Fasla. The bass music EP will be out on Banoffee Pies Records, the record label of Adam Strömstedt, Tristan Arp or the Tunisian HearThuG: “I’m honestly really happy with the outcome of this project, and  truly honoured to be releasing on one of my favorite labels, Banoffee Pies Records, hopefully not the last on the label.”

Since his first release in 2008 at the age of fifteen, the musician has unfolded a “progressive electro-house” inspired sound, then shifted to darker techno music, “until I make my way towards to a more broken and percussive bass sound”, comments Hassan.

Scheduled for March 11, Fasla embodies precisely the sound of Hassan, elegant and chaotic carried out with an extreme finesse. The vocal mantras on the tracks “Kesibt” is signed by the Egyptian rapper SHBL-LBSH. Hassan explains: “I was actively looking for anonymous Egyptian vocalists/rappers to work with as we looked to make the Fasla EP extra special and to represent my feelings at that time. I met SHBL-LBSH through mutual friends just as I started writing music for the release and we managed to collaborate and make it work.

Fasla by Hassan Abou Alam i set to release on March 11 via Banoffee Pies Records.