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Amapiano from Berlin with Freak de l’Afrique and Lindi

The German collective drops a new single with the dancer and singer, an interesting German take on South African club music. 

Freak de l’Afrique is a collective of DJs, MCs, dancers and event managers with a common passion for Africa’s modern club sounds. The group already has two Afro-house singles to its credit: “Mama Eh” and “Akom”, released respectively in 2017 and 2018, which ended up being remixed by some of the continent’s most respected DJs and producers (Gafacci from Ghana, DJ Satelite from Angola…). Following the United Kingdom and more recently France, it seems like Germany is now finally turning its ears towards South Africa with “Yebo”, the crew’s take on amapiano. 

With a bilingual topping of German and Tswana, the track might be the first time the South African club genre is produced in Berlin. To make it happen, Freak brought its very own DJ Nomi on the microphone, joined by South African dancer and singer Lindi. The two artists call and respond in true Mzansi style : “Can you feel it?”, “Yeeboo” (“yes”), with Nomi raising the bar with some German adlibs (“Macht Mal Lärm” – “Make some noise!”). The track also has a certain Afropop vibe to it, with short guitar sequences and an overall joyful and chilled atmosphere we can’t wait to experience at the collective’s parties. 

Active since 2012, Freak de l’Afrique started through events at the notorious Cookies nightclub, convinced that Berlin, usually associated with techno, could also fall in love with pan-African electronic sounds. Over the years, more and more members joined the group, which has started to play gigs on national and international scale in Europe and Africa. Today, Freak de l’Afrique hosts some of Germany’s biggest club nights, such as Cirque de l’Afrique, Black Paper, Bantu’s Diary and The Afro House Xperience.

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