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Guts releases rare song from Cameroonian artist Eko Roosevelt Louis in new compilation

With “Tondoho Mba”, Guts unveils one of the best kept secrets of his DJ sets, first excerpt from Straight From the Decks.

“Before I became interested in production or beatmaking, or even directing other musical artists, turntables were my first true love. Hours spent practising, scratching and cutting my first two records together,” said Guts to his long-time lable, Heavenly Sweetness.

He had already expressed his love for digging musical gems from around the world in his Beach Diggin’ compilation series, showing his selector skills. Obviously, his solar tastes were also the main focus of his latest album, Philantropiques.

With Straight From the Decks (Guts Finest Selection from His Famous DJ Sets), the artist gives us a glimpse of his DJ selection, that has been setting dancefloors on fire for the past few years.

A playlist featuring lots of hidden trasures, just like the first excerpt we are premiering  “Tondoho Mba” by Cameroonian artist Eko Roosevelt Louis. Before this, the song had only been released on Manu Dibango’s label, Afrovision, on the Fleurs musicales du Cameroun compilation.

“In an ideal world, Eko would have been one of the guests of my Philanthropiques LP. Unfortunately, distance and some other issues prevented that collaboration. I do still remain an absolute fan of the this guy though, who for me, really understands everything in the soul, funk and disco sound. I have his entire discography: all his albums, 7 inches and 12s. All bar none. So that’s what kind of consoled me, upon discovering this exclusive track recorded for the Musical Flowers of Cameroon compilation. At least I managed to get him on my compilation, even if couldn’t have him on my album.”

Read our interview about Guts’ personal story with each of his last album’s song.

Straight From the Decks (Guts Finest Selection from His Famous DJ Sets), out on July 5th on Heavenly Sweetness/Pura Vida Sounds. Order it here.

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