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When Christine Salem's maloya meets Alex Barck's deep house

(Re)discover the “Oh Africa” track thanks to InFiné’s Digital Kabar compilation.

Known as one of the most beautiful voices of Reunion maloya, Christine Salem is a self-taught and charismatic musician who sings in Creole, Malagasy, Comorian or Swahili, accompanied by her favorite instrument, the kayanm.

In 2013, Christine meets world-renowned Berlin producer Alex Barck, especially as a member of the Jazzanova collective and its Sonar Kollektiv label.

The fruit of this collaboration is titled “Oh Africa”, a crepuscular deep house song on which the sweet voice and the kayanm — a traditional percussive instrument — of the Reunion singer majestically merge with Alex Barck’s languid and synthetic pads.

No need to say that this song fits perfectly among the 18 titles of the compilation Digital Kabar — announced in April last —,born from the musical union of maloya and electronic music and retracing the fusion of the genres since 1980.

The compilation features artists who are still based from La Réunion, including Labelle, Jako Maron and Zong and Psychorigid.

Digital Kabar: Electronic Maloya From La Reunion Since 1980 drops on June 21 and is available to pre-order now.

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Digital Kabar