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Dope Saint Jude shares new 'Inside' music video

The music was shot in Matroosfontein, a neighborhood in the city center of Cape Town where the artist grew up

Catherine St Jude Pretorious aka Dope Saint Jude originates from Cape Town. After graduating in political sciences and founding South Africa’s first drag-king group, this feminist activist studied sound production and eventually released her first solo project two years ago, Reimagine. Last November, the artist who defines herself as a poetess released her second EP, Resilient, ranging between pop and hip-hop, of which “Inside” is a part of.

The video is a reflection of both her personal story of her childhood in this district of South Africa but also of the struggle of young girls in their day-to-day lives living there.

In 2018, Dope Saint Jude created an art magazine whose profits go directly to these children to enable them to have access to education.

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Dope Saint Jude Inside