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Nkono Teles, the forgotten super‑producer

Nkono Teles is one of West Africa’s most prolific producers during the 1980s, credited with more than 150 productions, spanning the work of more than 100 artists and groups.

Cameroun-born and Nigeria-bred, Nkono is an innovative multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and engineer habitually called by producers and artists upon when they wanted a ‘modernist’ Afro-pop sound that would appeal across borders.

Of Nkono Teles’ three solo-artist LPs, Party Beats is, by far, the most innovative and characteristic. The raw electronic effects used here have always been sought-after by breaks and hip hop producers as well as DJs, with original copies of Party Beats regularly changing hands for anything up to $700.

Originally released on Tabansi in 1985 Party Beats is set to be release on June 28 via BBE Music. Pre-order here.