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DJ Lag unveils visuals for 'Switz'

Released in September on his Stampit EP on Bristish label Goon Club Allstars, the track receives a visual interpretation by famous director Bon Duke.

DJ Lag is a young South African producer who quickly became one of the leading figures of the very prolific Gqom scene. This music style originary from Durban, South Africa, promptly went over the city’s borders to spread across the world.

His Stampit EP following his soberly-titled debut release DJ Lag – also released on Goon Club Allstars – keeps on showing the power of the minimalist and percussive music style.

“Switz” receives a visual stamp by acclaimed director and photographer Bon Duke, featuring several dancers in a refined urban setting.

Highly aesthetic shots alternate between contemporary and urban dancing, echoing the popular origins of the music style as well as its stripped-down sonorities. It also highlights the powerful link between Gqom and dance, the music style being essentially made for the dancefloor. The director’s touch and his keen eye on fashion can be felt both in the dancer’s looks and in the global aesthetic of the video.

Listent to DJ Lag and other gqom and other gqom artists in our Afro Club Exp. playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

DJ Lag’s Stampit is available on Goon Club Allstars. Order it on Bandcamp.

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