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Akwaaba Music drops new single from Ghanaian artist NiiQuaye, 'Two Wonan Ase'

NiiQuaye and his Musical Lunatics band are notable figures of Accra’s music scene. For this retro highlife track, the singer called his sidekicks Kirani Ayat and Akan.

Accra-based label Akwaaba keeps on propelling the local scene to the rest of the world. This release is the first of a string of recorded projects slated for 2019. On this first single, Nii joins forces with friends and frequent collaborators Kirani Ayat and Akan. All three are part of a new generation of artists blurring the lines between commercial and alternative music in Ghana.

“Two Wonan Ase” could translate to something along the way of “dance your feet off”. The track first comes across as a feel good, retro Highlife kind of song. But in the lyrics, the three artists go over the typical police interactions they face, especially because of their looks.

“We work all week, when the weekend comes we all just want to have fun” says NiiQuaye. “On your way to town the police might stop you and get in the way. The song tackles these frequent situations, we break them down, but in the end we are advising the listener to brush over it all and just have fun.”

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