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Legendary band África Negra comes back with new album on Mar & Sol

Alia Cu Omalí will be out on february 27th and will be distributed worldwide by Rush Hour.

Recorded between São Tomé and Lisbon, this new album features new songs and some popular classic. The band, founded in 1974, is a living legend on the island as well as in other Portuguese-speaking African countries.

They are an icon and one of the main bands of this island, representing in their music the authenticity and culture of the former Portuguese colony on the equatorial meridian.

The first single a reflection of the old rumba and soukous music that features on the album, fused with puíta, a local music style.

The band got famous before the country achieved independence thanks to their use of Marshall amps and effect pedals and their lyrics about love and santomean landscapes. Alia Cu Omalí, for instance, means “sand with the sea”.

“It is our mission to expand this culture and here it is the testimony in our series of Luso Afro music which could best represent São Tomé” says Mar & Sol.

Alia Cu Omalí will be out on February 27th on Mar & Sol. Pre-order it on Bandcamp.

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