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K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade makes his debut with powerful song 'For My People'

A club burner track of afro-fusion fusing high energy African rhythms with a tasty blend of funk, reggae & jazz.

Under the guidance of talented Ghanaian Kweku Sackey, aka K.O.G, the collective is composed of nine musicians from West African vibes from Ghana via Sheffield, with diverse origins conflating to whip up their signature heady brew of Afrobeat, Soul, Funk and Reggae otherwise dubbed “Afro-fusion”.

Debut single “For My People” takes everything in its path. Recorded live (so as the album), the song merges the indigenous rhythms of Africa with an energetic mix of tones and grooves. With the voice of the rapper Franz Von, K.O.G and The Zongo Brigade fuses Afrobeat, Reggae and Funk.

Debut album Wahala Wahala (which means in Swahili ‘stress’ and ‘trouble’) is set to land on March 8th via Heavenly Sweetness, and it’s full of energy and addictive.

This album brings to light the strength and endurance of us as HUMANS. A personal journey and documentation of most of the obstacles we have faced as we have moved from 2 different worlds and how we have overcome these struggles through the freedom of art and music through a firm connection with our roots and culture. It’s music from our soul telling stories how we were told growing up and merging grooves
and African rhythms to exhibit the spirit of AFRICA in relation to where we are in the diaspora”, says K.O.G.

Wahala Wahala will be out on 8th March – check out the album artwork below.

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