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Charlotte Adigéry blends Belgian Electro‑soul with her Martinican roots

The singer unveiled « High Lights », second excerpt of Zandoli EP upcoming on DEEWEE on February 8th. A blend of vivid story telling, catchy choruses and a quirky universe.

Ghent-born artist Charlotte Adigéry is the descendant of a Nigerian Yoruba tribe that freed itself from slavery in Martinique. She mixes traditional music from her ancestors with a synthetic-electronic aesthetic, warmed-up by her soulful voice.

In 2016, during the shooting of the movie Belgica, she met the Dewaele brothers (2manydjs, Soulwax), who quickly saw the potential of the young woman. After collaborating on the film’s soundtrack with the duo, she released her first eponym EP pn their label DEEWEE.

Her music is also the result of her meetings, mainly her match on Tinder with chinese-martinican producer Bolis Pulul, who co-produced both of her EPs, narrating their mutual story through her songs.

After floor-filler « Paténipat », Charlotte Adigéry unveils « High Lights »,  an ode to the power of hair weaving and synthetic wigs.

Charlotte Adigéry’s Zandoli will be out on February 8th on DEEWEE. Pre-order it on Bandcamp.

Listen to Charlotte Adigéry in our Noir Wave playlist on Spotify or Deezer.

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