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Strut to release rare album from Nigerian legend Sir Shina Peters

Released in 1986, Sewele is an important record for Jùjú music.

Sir Shina Peters is one the most prolific Afro-Juju musicians, a style of Nigerian popular music, a mixture of traditional Jùjú music and Afrobeat. It became very popular in the early 1990s with Sir Shina Peters becoming one of the most recognized advocate of the genre.

Strut present an exclusive new reissue of a great (and now very rare) original album from the early career of the Juju Maestro, Sewele from 1986.

“‘Sewele’ represented a time of transition in my music career,” explains Peters. “I had branched out to start as a solo artist after spells with Ebenezer Obey, Prince Adekunle and Segun Adewale and I was trying to find my own voice and to play juju in a more progressive direction. This was an important time for me. Three years later, I had honed that sound into Afro-Juju, and my ‘Ace: Afro Juju Series 1’ album broke me as an artist.

This new reissue features all original artwork and a new sleeve note by Sir Shina Peters telling the story of the album and his wider career. The album audio has been restored by See Why Audio and remastered by The Carvery.

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