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New video: ÌFÉ ‑ The Tearer (Bembe)

Date: 6th December 2018
Director: Otura Mun

ÌFÉ is back with the first single from his upcoming album. Directed by himself from X-Men vintage footage, “THE TEARER (Bembe)” is a “dark and twisting ode to sudden change, the night, the storm”. The song explores the energy of Oyá, the Yoruban goddess of storms and guardian of the cemetery gates. She brings “the winds of change, reminding us that from chaos and destruction comes rebirth”.

ÌFÉ is the musical and spiritual project of the Afro-American DJ, producer, percussionist and composer Otura Mun, born Mark Underwood in the US, and turned priest of the Yoruba’s religion Ifá when he settled in Puerto Rico 19 years ago.

Read our Otura Mun interview: ÌFÉ: post-rumba from Puerto Rico on a spiritual level.

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