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‘Change’, iZem and K.O.G's new single on Pura Vida Sounds

K.O.G a.k.a Kweku of Ghana and iZem a.k.a In Ze Early Morning.

Pura Vida Sounds, the brand new imprint set up by GUTS presents its second release. “Change” is a collaboration between iZem and K.O.G, two expats who capture their surrounding vibrations perfectly.

Singer and multi-instrumentalist, born in Accra (Ghana), resident in Sheffield (UK), K.O.G is constantly innovating. Leader of his own afro funk band K.O.G and The Zongo Brigade and lead vocalist for Onipa, K.O.G is a creative force, relentlessly touring and collaborating across a range of styles, from afro funk to house, dancehall and reggae to jungle.

Guitar-schooled in Spain, it is in Brazil and Argentina that iZem collaborated on multiple projects before landing in Dublin, behind two turntables and a mixer and finally ending up in Lisbon. After his first album, Hafa, released by Soundway Records, the French-Moroccan beatmaker maintains his permanent connection with Portuguese-speaking music from South America and Africa.

In this single, the lead track “Change” sees them opening the doors of creation that little bit wider. It is no accident that these two distinct voices have come together on “Change”, with K.O.G bringing his trademark vocal versatility in a unique style, drawing as much from his African roots as from Jamaican and US soul inspirations.

For lovers of simplicity or anyone who would like to put their own voice on it, Pura Vida Sounds offers the instrumental version of “Change” on the B-side of the 45 rpm.

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