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DJ CelesteMariposa unveils his favorite tracks

In Paris for a party, Liboa DJ opens us his DJ bag.

Wilson Vilares aka CelesteMariposa has one of the most complete Lusophone African music collections known with a monthly residence at MusicBox (Lisboa) and ZDB (Galeria Zé dos Bois – Lisboa). The record collection includes historic albums but also many ultra-rare author editions.

CelesteMariposa use cassettes, vinyl and CDs alike to construct a DJ set adaptable to either more contemplative atmospheres, packed clubs or festivals, thanks to Wilson Vilares background in underground techno and acid house Portuguese scene. In 2009 he was one of 50 Portuguese artists to participate to the Red Bull Music Academy Taster in


Favorite track for opening a DJ set?

Well it depends a lot of the club/venue, soundsystem, day time… but something more traditional, more tribal, something really roots!

Favorite track from a Lusophone African’s newcomer?

Well thanks God the industry is alive and kicking, so a lot of new things are happening in the industry, so i have to say that the Cape Verdian Sara Tavares with her new album Fitxadu is a blast, check it out!

Favorite techno-ish track you always play ?

Yes the techno thing, for those who don’t know, in my life techno has been and still is the road of all this dj scene, my safety port. I have to say im a big fan of Detroit and Chicago producers. It’s really hard to push only one track so let me put two names: ‘Thank U 4 Letting Me Be Myself’ by Omar-S and ‘We Magnify His Name’ by Floorplan aka Robert Hood.


Favorite experimental track? 

Blu Terra” by Nuno Canavarro and “Guiar” by Carlos Maria Trindade. Both tracks are on the album Mr. Wollogallu from 1991. It’s not so experimental, rather quite ambient. Check it out, it’s on Youtube and it’s Portuguese!


Favorite closing track?

“Amor Forçado” by CelesteMariposa!

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