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DJ Lilocox showcases his talent with Paz & Amor EP

A 5-track EP where the producer brilliantly borrows from a range of genres.

Released on Príncipe Discos, the Lisbon-based label that focuses on a crossover between European and African Dance Music, Paz & Amor is the debut EP from Portugal-based producer DJ Lilocox. With incredible percussion layers, soft melodies and vocal samples, Lilocox continues to push the boundaries of ghetto-based batida music. It’s made its way onto dancefloors everywhere, confirming the global appeal of the genre.

“Vozes Ricas” blends complex patterns with synths and vocal samples. The drums carry the rhythm transporting us at one moment into house music – reminiscent of the 90’s techno anthems – then at another moment into something more tribal. It’s hypnotic, energetic and designed for dancing.

“Ritmos E Melodias” lives up to its name. More melodic at times, it then shifts towards a house beat balanced by a background rattle more commonly associated with the slower tarraxo vibes.

“Paz & Amor” demonstrates Lilocox’s ability to borrow from a range of styles. A blend of funk music and techno drums.  We can hear echoes of his debut single La Party, but we see how far he has progressed since.

“Samba” gets you from the very beginning because of Lilocox’s astonishing drum construction. But when the kick comes in (around the 2-minute mark) fusing bassline and drums, we experience something unique. You will find this music practically does away with the need for a bassline because the rhythm inventions keep the feet moving effortlessly. 

“Fronteiras” is an intensely emotional and catchy tune with a discrete and minimal bassline. It follows the beat more or less independently, its celestial harmonies reminding us of the bonds we all share.

Order a copy of the EP from Bandcamp.

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