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Pongo floats through seasons in 'Chora' music video

Lisbon-based, Angola-native singer had fast-tracked to under the spotlights thanks to her featuring on Buraka Som Sistema’s ” Wegue Wegue “.

Despite naming herself after Congolese diva M’Pongo Love, Pongo does not compare unfavourably to any African diva. She blends kuduro, dancehall, electronic beats and hip hop in a personal way tailored for Lisbon’s urban ears.

She is back with the music video for “Chora”, taken from her Baia EP released this year. She takes us in a highly aesthetic and poetic journey through seasons, as a visual metaphor for her own growth, from innocence to maturity.

Pongo floats through the different scenes, where she interacts with organic 3D elements that echo her artistic outfits.

Discover Pongo’s interview we did on the occasion of the release of her EP.

Listen to Pongo in our Women Power playlist on Spotify or Deezer.

Listen to her Baia EP on all platforms.

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