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6 albums you need to hear this week

In this week’s selection: Baloji questions our relationship with technology, Throes + The Shine further their exploration of kudurock, On The Corner releases a new dancefloor-oriented compilation and more…

Kaniama: The Yellow Version

Following his album 137 Avenue Kaniama, Baloji just released a new mixtape Kaniama: The Yellow Version along with a self-directed video clip, Zombie. Both take us in a futuristic Kinshasa, between hope and distopy, where they question our relationship with technology. The mixtape features a revisited version of the former album in one hour-long track, following the narrative of the short, as well as two exclusive tracks “Spotlight & Miroir” (Feat. Marshall Dixon & Poison Mobutu) and “L’hiver Indien”featuring Gael Faye.

Read our interview with Baloji.

Stream and order the mixtape here here.

Stimela Segolide

South African artist Muzi furthers his personal blend of Zulu folk and gospel with more global rhythms such as EDM, dembow or trap, translating traditions into bangers. The four-track EP takes elements from South African music and shapes them into creations that can appeal to both local and global ears, where isiZulu verses meet pop synths and sounds.

Stream the EP here.

Puto Tito

Carregando A Vida Atrás Das Costas

Lisbon-based music collective Principe has done a lot for the local electro-kuduro scene, shaping what is now known as the “sound of Lisbon” and helping export the music from the suburbs, made by the African diaspora, to the world. They’re back with a new double EP made of tracks from young producer Puto Tito, salvaged from his old Soundcloud account. Composed when he was 14 years old, “this album is testament to the fierce, uncompromising vision of a bedroom producer learning his way with minimal resources and simultaneously laying down some of the most distinct music [they]’ve heard in years.”

Listen to Puto Tito in our Afro Club Exp. on Spotify and Deezer.

Order the album on Bandcamp.

On the Corner (Various Artists)
Versus III

For Versus’ third edition, On The Corner‘s boss Pete OntheCorner has gathered a bunch of dancefloor killers crafted by producers from all around the world.
Including among others: Nicola Cruz’s remix of Dengue Dengue Dengue’s “Semillero”, channelling afro-latin rhythms with Andean instruments, Blood, Wine or Honey remixed by Hieroglyphic Being‘s “cubist percussions” or The Maghreban’s vision of Khalab’s “Dense”, which you can hear below. With this eclectic compilation of dancefloor-oriented tracks, On The Corner reminds us that the dancefloor is the perfect place for blending rhythms and influences from around the world.

Order the compilation on Bandcamp.

Osirus Jack

Young Osirus Jack, native from Dakar, Sénégal, just released his first solo album, Nibiru. Eminent member of the 667 crew, based between Lyon, Dakar, Montreal and Paris, this LP is imbued from the collective’s esoteric symbolism. The title of the release is a reference to both Babylonian astrology and to Marshall Masters’ Planet X conspiracy theory. Featuring collaborations with fellow crew members Slim C and Freeze Corleone, the album channels Osirus’ cryptic lyrics and gloomy instrumentals.

Stream Nibiru on Spotify.

Throes + The Shine

Porto-based band Throes + The Shine has been shaking Europeans stages for a while with their unique blend of kuduro and rock sounds. After two albums released in 2014 and 2016, they are back with Enza. Meaning “planet” in Angolan kimbudu, the album was produced by Dutch producer Jori Collignon (Skip&Die, Nobody Beats The Drum). The ten tracks are a hypnotic and hips-shaking blend of influences, featuring Lisbon-based MC Mike El Niteon “Musseque”, along with Mexican duo Sotomayor and Mozambican singer Selma Uamusse.

Stream Enza on Spotify.

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