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Future soul duo ABAKOS returns with “Run” and announces new EP

Montreal-based duo, formed by Pierre Kwenders and Ngabonziza Kiroko and active members of Moonshine Collective, shares first single from their upcoming debut EP Solar Soldier.

Ahead of their UK premiere including performances at The Great Escape and Focus Wales, the Future soul duo ABAKOS shares “Run“ an electronic-acoustic song, with resonant lyrics about hope, love, and change.

After building names for themselves in Montreal’s music scene over the years, Afro-futurist singer and DJ Pierre Kwenders and Ngabonziza Kiroko of electronic indie folk group Dear Denizen have teamed up in Nashville with OWSLA-affiliated production trio Basecamp to work on this debut single. By chance, they also ended up in the studio with British legend and fellow Nashville resident Jamie Lidell, a long-time hero of Kiroko’s.

The song ends with a loop of a child singing her ambivalence about an unnamed “Mr. President”, an act for the duo to decry the universal role of politics.

“Run” will appear on ABAKOS EP “Solar Soldier” June 14th 2019. Listen below : 

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