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Inside Citizen Boy's USB stick

The song you’ve played the most since the beginning of your carreer?
Indaba kaBani Besibenuza” by Citizen Boy
It’s the track that got me so much attention worldwide and a lot of people who know me know that track. It’s like a signature track and I love to play it because every time I play it people go wild, especially when the song comes back with the bell they just lose their minds !


The best track to relax after a party?
War Stories” by Bizza Wethu, DJ Simpra & Aux Womdanso
It’s a really soulful track but it is sgubhu not gqom. It’s a really good song to end the set with, as well if you want a dance vibe but at the same time you want something to touch your soul, it’s a sad beautiful song that keeps you calm and puts you in your own state of mind…


Your current guilty pleasure track?
Rees Vibe” by Griffit Vigo
It’s a crazy minimal song, that has percussions/drums that sounds like a dramatic scene is about to happen in the jungle : “dadadadadadada”
It puts me in a safari mood and the samples on the song sounds like something is barking in the jungle and you’re trying to run away. It changes the whole atmosphere of my set, it’s a hypnotic song like you are in the jungle and you are being chased by wild creatures.


The best closing track?
Alala by Dapo Tuburna & Citizen Boy
It has catchy vocals on it and it’s like sgubhu with a little bit of pop and soulful at the same time. I think it’s good to close with it because the vocals are catchy and it will be the last thing they think about. When the set is over, the song will still ring in their heads.
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