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Tshegue is back on track with 'The Wheel' featuring a DJ Marfox remix

Music duo Tshegue drops new single, with visuals shot by Renaud Barret and a remix by Príncipe’s DJ Marfox.

Following their debut EP Survivor, released in 2017, Tshegue has become a leading figure of the contemporary afro-electronic scene. Made up of Nicolas “Dakou” Dacunha and Congo-born Faty Sy Savanet, the duo blends a variety of genre going from bass music to garage, channelling their African influences as weel.

Their new single, “The Wheel” draws its inspirations from both South African gqom and British grime. The lyrics “Just keep your eyes on the road / Don’t look back” are perfectly illustrated by Renaud Barret’s visuals. The music video takes us to the heart of Kinshasa, following the young riders of the Club Étoile Roller.


“An ordinary day in Kinshasa. I’m in a taxi on Lumumba boulevard, when suddenly my vehicle is in the middle of this gang of kids slaloming between cars. We exchange “thumbs up”, signs of complicity, rolling side by side for a moment. One of them spots my camera bag, comes closer and asks me “Hey sir! Do you wanna shoot something crazy?” I couldn’t refuse! This is the magic of a limitless city where each and every day brings incredible spontaneous possibilities.”

The single also features a remix by Lisbon-based DJ Marfox, prominent figure of the batida music collective Príncipe.

Listen to Tshegue and DJ Marfox in our Afro Club Exp. (Spotify / Deezer) and Noir Wave (Spotify / Deezer) playlists.

The Wheel, out on April 17th. Stream and order the single here.

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