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New video: Lafawndah ‑ Joseph

Date: October 4 
Director: Lafawndah 

Subsequent to the release of Tan EP, released on Warp Records in 2016, the creative trajectory of Lafawndah has both fanned out and sharpened, revealing an artist whose vision has only intensified as it expands.

After two acclaimed, self-directed music videos (“Tan” and “Ally”), Lafawndah has collaborated on an album and film “Le Renard Bleu” with japanese artist Midori Takada. Further, Lafawndah’s Honey Colony mixtape series has put the full extent of her production and arrangement style on display, drawing thrilling new potentials from fellow travellers Klein, Bonnie Banane, Kelsey Lu, and Kelela. 

This video, directed by the artist herself, stages women taking care of a pregnant woman in a kind of prenatal ritual. A surprising video that reflects the creative trajectory of the Egyptian-Iranian artist where the work blends different artistic disciplines.

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