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Byron Biroli unveils elegant visuals for his electronica‑highlife song 'Find a Way'

Catch the noir wave.

London-based singer-songwriter Byron Biroli always blends perfectly his Ugandan roots with electronic and pop music. His new tune is inspired by a Zambian roadside skit about the ravages of HIV. In ‘Find a Way’ Biroli’s reverence for bush music is apparent, as he elevates sub-Saharan (Bantu) musical forms, juxtaposing electronica with hi-life and call and response harmonies.

Biroli emails us: “I’d like to dedicate ‘Find a Way’ to the people of Uganda and Bobi Wine, a Ugandan MP currently recovering from life threatening injuries dished out by Ugandan authorities. Maybe we can ‘Find a Way’ out of this that doesn’t involve violence.”

The visual, directed by Czech fashion photographer Kate Guić, is light-hearted as it enchants with dancing and a shot selection that references equatorial forests and savannah landscapes (interestingly, shot in Suffolk, England).

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