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New Video: Elida Almeida ‑ Sou Free (Mo Laudi Remix)

Date : 15 juin 2018
Titre original : Ki Ta Manda E Mi

“Sou Free” revisits the title “Ki Ta Manda E Mi” published on “Kebrada”, Elida Almeida’s latest album released at the end of 2017. With new lyrics written by Flavia Coelho and sounds reworked by Mo Laudi, « Sou Free » is a new bomb for the Summer 2018! Elida et Flavia met in Paris in 2017, behind the scene of a tribute concert to Cesaria Evora. The connection between the 2 women was really good, and they promised to work together. The result is an upbeat dancing tempo single that you have to listen now!

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