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Rudeboyz unveils their favorites tracks

In Paris for the Gqomunion #4 party, gqom’s kings open us their usb stick.

Rudeboyz are the South African trio producing Gqom, the steel-cladded, drum-pounding music straight from the Durban townships. If you’re after an idea of what music in the city sounds like, Massive Q, Andile-T and Menchess are the guys to give you a lesson. The music they make – smacking, stripped back, tribalist beats – sums up the movement and it’s no surprise ‘Gqom’ translates to ‘bang’ or ‘hit’.

For their first time in France, Rudeboyz will present their first album titled Gqom Evolution. It should be out this autumn.

The favourite warm-up track to open a DJ set with
RudeBoyz – Let It flow

The best track of my favourite Durban’s newcomer 
Argento Dust – Alone

The best house music Track I’m playing constantly at peak time
Dim Chris & Sebastien Drums – Sometimes I Feel (Avicii’s Out of Miami Mix)

The best rap track I’m mixing who blends perfectly with a gqom track
Stormzy – Cigarettes and Cush

The best kwaito track to make people dancing  
Mandoza – Nkalakatha

The best new track (all genres) I jam with

Major Lazer – Know No Better
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