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Electronic afro‑disco duo ONIPA releases first music video

UK duo unveils first single “Open My Eyes“.

ONIPA means ‘human’ in Akan, the ancient language of the Ashanti people of Ghana.
It’s a message of connection through collaboration: from Ghana to London, our
ancestors to our children, Onipa brings energy, groove, electronics, afrofuturism,
dance and fire!

Born out of deep collaboration between long time friends KOG (Kweku of Ghana
of KOG and the Zongo Brigade) and Tom Excell (MD, guitarist and writer of
acclaimed jazz/ soul afrobeat pioneers Nubiyan Twist), first single “Open My Eyes” combined classic, shiny, Congolese-style soukous guitar licks with a funky afro-disco beat and KOG’s trademark vocals, alternating between Pidgin, Ga and English in a nostalgic piece about self-love and making your own way.

This release is a first timse collaboration between London label Wormfood and
Paris-based Mawimbi, who have both been pushing their own brand of homegrown afro-electronic music.

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