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Mariama unveils colorful visuals for 'Grains Of Wisdom'

Discover Sierra Leone-born singer Mariama’s new music video.

Three years after her acoustic EP Moments Like These, Mariama is back with a new album – out in October – titled Love, Sweat and Tears. Today she unveils “Grains of Wisdom”, a color- and playful music video with “atmospheric lighting the look still remains raw and real at times, and therefore offering the perspective that beauty is not perfection – even though Instagram has us convinced that we need filters on everything,” said the press release.

We can see collages by artist Denise Kynd in the music video. “Always in harmony, so many little parts build the whole sum of Kynds Collages. Makeup and Styling are always in reflection with this.”

Nigerian German dancer Nora Henes brings “the beauty, energy and elegance of her movements to the video, becoming a representation of the sisters Mariama addresses with this song.”

“I am especially happy about this music video, because it was a somewhat new experience to elaborate a very clear vision of the video the way I do for my music,” adds Mariama. 

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