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Afro-Caribbean band ÌFÉ is back with new single ‘Voodoo Economics’
Afro‑Caribbean band ÌFÉ is back with new single 'Voodoo Economics'

Off their forthcoming second album, following the critically acclaimed IIII+IIII released in 2017. Photography by Miguel Figueroa  ÌFÉ is a Puerto Rico-based band that was founded by Otura Mun, an Ifá priest or ‘Babalawo’ in the Yoruba religion, […]

New video: ÌFÉ – The Tearer (Bembe)
New video: ÌFÉ ‑ The Tearer (Bembe)

Date: 6th December 2018 Director: Otura Mun ÌFÉ is back with the first single from his upcoming album. Directed by himself from X-Men vintage footage, “THE TEARER (Bembe)” is a “dark and twisting ode to sudden change, the […]

Listen to ÌFÉ’s Latest Addictive Dancehall Remix ‘Umbo (Come Down)’
Listen to ÌFÉ's Latest Addictive Dancehall Remix 'Umbo (Come Down)'

DJ, Producer and leader of the group ÌFÉ Otura Mun reshape 2017 Dancehall smash hit “Humbug Riddim” and blend it with his single ‘Umbo (Come Down)’. Photo by Vanessa Rodriguez You listen to it once, you […]

The 20 Best Albums of 2017
List / Guide
The 20 Best Albums of 2017

PAM’s music critics share their nominations for the best Pan-African albums of the year. The list below is made up of personal favorites to the Pan African Music team, and is just a small roundup of […]

ÌFÉ: post-rumba from Puerto Rico on a spiritual level
ÌFÉ: post‑rumba from Puerto Rico on a spiritual level

Rumba as a bridge between Africa and Northern America via the Caribbean: ÌFÉ is the musical and spiritual project of the Afro-American DJ, producer, percussionist and composer Otura Mun, born Mark Underwood in the US, and […]