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Agogo Records' upcoming compilation is an intercontinental journey in rhythm

Two Tribes features a broad spectrum of renowned artists, such as Healing Force Project, Blay Ambolley and Raoul K, with tracks ranging from traditional music to modern club culture.

Out on february 1st, Agogo Records new compilation is a snapshot of musical hybridations between european and african sounds. The german label’s new project  makes an effort to give insight in how musicians living in Europe today incorporate and transfer muscial traditions particularly from the African continent into their own oeuvre.

Two Tribes features musicians with roots in African countries who reside in Europe and collaborations between European and African artists. Through its 12 tracks, the project gathers classical songs using traditional instruments from both continents as well as electronic productions that combine musical heritage with current club culture.


The music included refers to the musical traditions of Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Morocco, Zimbabwe and South Africa amongst others. It features well-known names such as Healing Force Project, veteran Highlife musician from Ghana Blay Ambolley and south african afrohouse producer Raoul K, now living in Germany.

The project intends to build a bridge between the musical legacy of both continents, where traditions are integrated and re-signified into each artist’s own oeuvre .

Purchase Two Tribes on Bandcamp

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