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Angel‑Ho's otherworldly 'Pose' music video is a glimpse into her upcoming album

Date: January 30th 2019
Direction : Chris Kets
Album: Death Becomes Her

Ahead of debut album Death Becomes Her, to be released on Hyperdub in March, Angel-Ho unveils the video clip for her track “Pose”.
The South-African artist dives into a futuristic and minimalistic universe, full of hot pinks, futuristic graphics and angular choreography.


The NON-Worlwide collective co-founder flips some bars on deconstructed instrumental produced by Bon and Gaika. The song’s aesthetic echoes in the video, and sets the tone for upcoming album, poppier than previous releases and highlighting her voice and performance.

The album will feature fellow producers, Asmara, Gaika, Bon, Baby Caramelle and Nunu, and features Guest rappers K-$ and K-Rizz.

Death Becomes Her will be out on March 1st 2019 on Hyperdub. Preorder it on Bandcamp.

Listen to Angel-Ho and other Hyperdub artists in our playlist Afro Club Exp.

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