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Jerico merges experimental baile funk with Haitian Creole in new single ‘Zanmi’

Newly recruited in Canadian collective Moonshine, the artist unveils the first single of his forthcoming EP Run That to be released on March 8th.

23-year-old Haitian-Canadian Jerico is a DJ, producer, and vocalist, who’s being recognized as one of Montreal’s most promising young artists. He blends Pan-African rhythms with underground Electronic music and Haitian Creole vocals in an unique dancefloor-oriented combination.

“Zanmi”, which means ‘friend’ in Haitian Creole, is the result of what Jerico calls the happiest time of his life. The track is an explosive mix of deconstructed Baile Funk and Dancehall with MC-like vocals sung by himself. The warm syncopated drums nicely balance the sharp digital synth riff.

The track serves as a prelude to his EP Run That, featuring four tracks drawing on Jerico’s vivid memories of Kompa dancing as a kid growing up in the suburbs of Montreal.

Run That will be out on Moonshine on March 8th. Pre-order it on Bandcamp.

Listen to “Zanmi” in our Afro Clup Exp. playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

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