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DJ Lag and DJ Tira unveil the “Siyagroova” video, made in Durban

Released one month ago, the track and its brand new visuals are the first official collaboration between the two gqom giants. 

For DJ Lag, music often seems to be the best solution to resolve trouble and conflict. Fresh from a feud with American producers Will.i.am and DJ Megan Ryte, the “Gqom King” from Clermont (Durban, South Africa) is still in court affairs with Distruction Boyz, DJ Tira (their business associate at a certain time), and DJ Mphyd. The matter has not been resolved yet but the love of gqom always triumphs, and regardless of the quarrel, the producer has decided to collaborate with DJ Tira on “Siyagroova”. The point has been proven: while Johannesburg and Pretoria are turning to amapiano, Durban stays united and truthful to the original core gqom sound. “Siyagroova” is a perfect example of this will, and it is not trivial to see Lag linking up with Tira, considered one of the main pioneers of the Durban movement. Dark, minimalist, raw, the track reflects the producer’s signature style, reminding us of his “Ice Drop” debut. 

The video features the 301 Goats dance crew, terrorizing Durban with their aggressive moves, coming from the city’s outskirts to the centre and the beachside. A clever analogy of DJ Lag’s sound itself, born in the Clermont township but now listened to in the most prestigious spheres. The artist is currently working on his upcoming debut album, that should incorporate elements of isghubu and tribal house, fused with his unique sonic trademark.

Listen to “Siyagroova” in our afro + club playlist on Spotify and Deezer.