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Cuban rising star Cimafunk shares music video for «Ponte pa’ lo tuyo»

Pinar del Rio-born artist keeps on deepening his personal blend funk, tumbao and cha cha cha in this new single gathering four generations of cuban artists.

Erik Iglesias aka Cima Funk got a name for himself in 2018 thanks to his single “Me Voy”, that quickly became an intergenerational hymn in Cuba. Nominated by Billboard as one of the 10 latin artists to watch in 2019, he celebrates his african roots with an explosive combination of funk, blues, rumba, tumbao and cha cha.comme l’un des 10 artistes latinos à suivre en 2019,

«Ponte pa’ lo tuyo», his new single illustrated by an humoristic and authentic music video, brings together four generations of cuban artists. Pianist Roberto Carcassés, member of Interactivo band and José Luis Cortés aka El Tosco, former member of Chucho Valdés’ legendary band Irakere join Cimafunk for two instrumental solos. 94 years old Juana Bacallao aka Juana la Cubana also makes a notheworthy apparition in the music video directed by Daniel Arévalo.

Stream «Ponte pa’ lo tuyo» on your favorite platform.

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