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Lee Fields recounts the struggle for Afro‑American Civil Rights in 'Wake Up' music video

The “soul survivor” illustrates his committed track “Wake Up” by tracing the story of black American’s struggles.

Last April, Lee Fields released It Rains Love, a soulful new effort featuring his loyal musicians The Expressions. In this release, he deals with one of his favourite topics, Love, with a both authentic and modern sound.

The soulman just released the music video for “Wake Up”, one of his most committed songs in the album. El Oms’ unique animation style draws a parallel between the struggle of Civil Rights during the XXth century and current issues like police brutality and the wall on the Mexican border.

“Aren’t you tired of all these lies?
Time to wake up, open up your eyes
Don’t be led in the wrong direction
‘Cause it’s time for mass correction”

It Rains Love, released on April 5th on Big Crown Records. Order it on the label’s website.

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