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Reggae legend Max Romeo is back with new album, Words from the Brave

At 74 years old, the Jamaican reggae veteran delivers a sincere and wise new album, recorded with his band Roots Heritage.

Photo Credits : Valentin Campagnie

Born in the Jamaican countryside, Max Romeo worked in the fields throughout his childhood before leaving for Kingston in order to becoma a reggae artist.

His uncommon life path is what inspired him to write most of his songs, such as the timeless “Chase the Devil”. Through his crafted lyrics, he delivers a message to the new generation.

It is also what convinced him to write his new album Words From the Brave, after several years of absence. Started in 2016 during a tour, the album was started by his band, Roots Heritage, who convincend him to write and record on a bunch of new instrumentals they had composed.

Recorded in Jamaica, the album channels Romeo’s gift for writing with meticulous instrumentals. It tackles several contemporary topics, analysing the inequalities both in the Jamaican society – as in “Farmers Story” – and at worldwide level.

Words From the Brave, out on June 28th. Order it on the label’s website.

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