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Taxi Sampler 01 is a wild ride through new African urban music scenes

Python Syndicate’s first compilation is like a musical follow-up to Crudo Volta’s Woza Taxi documentary

Italian collective Crudo Volta has been releasing dynamic and very relevant documentaries about new African music scenes for a few years.

Woza Taxi, for instance, was a dive into the Durban gqom scene, highlighting the role taxis played in spreading the genre. Yenkyi Taxi followed the journey of London-based producer Brendan “Hagan” Opoku-Ware in Accra, Ghana, showing the influence of Ghanaian traditional music in the new local electronic music scene.

As a logical follow-up to their backgrounds, italian-beninese graphic designer Mike Calandra Achode, one of the founding members of Crudo Volta, as well as gqom Dj Nan Kolè inaugurate brand new record label Python Syndicate.

With Taxi Sampler 01 they take us into a journey through emerging African genres and young African urban music scenes.

Featuring exclusive tracks from established artists such as Citizen Boy, Rvdical the Kid and Gafacci as well as tracks from newcomers, this compilation is a wild ride between countries and music styles, interspersed by field recordings and interview excerpts taken from their documentaries.

Taxi Sampler 01 – Rhythms & Vibes from the Spirit of Young Africa, out on June 28th 2019. Order it on Bandcamp.

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