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Raphäel Toiné’ stunning zouk album reissued by Glossy Mistakes
Raphäel Toiné' stunning zouk album reissued by Glossy Mistakes

Glossy Mistakes presents a repress of Raphäel Toiné‘s Ce Ta Ou / Sud Africa Révolution. Raphäel Toiné’s Ce Ta Ou / Sud Africa Révolution is one of the most gorgeous zouk albums ever made. Funk arrangements, fat bass, and crazy synths, […]

Analog Africa resurrect Somalian grooves from Mogadisho radio on new compilation
Analog Africa resurrect Somalian grooves from Mogadisho radio on new compilation

Berlin label give a second life to rare Somalian funk and disco tracks on ‘Mogadisco – Dancing Mogadishu (Somalia 1972​-​1991)’ Label creator Samy Ben Redjeb travelled to the infamous capital city of Somalia in November of […]

Soul Jazz Records’ new compilation focuses on Nigerian funk, rock and disco
Soul Jazz Records' new compilation focuses on Nigerian funk, rock and disco

Well known british label spotlights the fusion between Nigerian music with funk, rock and disco in the 70s on Nigeria Soul Power 70. While for many people the fusion of funk and jazz music with Nigerian […]

Cuban rising star Cimafunk shares music video for «Ponte pa’ lo tuyo»
Music Video
Cuban rising star Cimafunk shares music video for «Ponte pa’ lo tuyo»

Pinar del Rio-born artist keeps on deepening his personal blend funk, tumbao and cha cha cha in this new single gathering four generations of cuban artists. Erik Iglesias aka Cima Funk got a name for himself in 2018 thanks […]

Sammy Massamba gets a new essential reedition
Sammy Massamba gets a new essential reedition

British record label Vive la Musique is republishing a cult afro-disco dancefloor killer by Congolese artist Sammy Massamba. Five months after the release of Propriété privée on Secousse record label, Congolese producer Sammy Massamba gets another repress. Now, it is a two-track EP […]

Zack & Geebah, short-lived but long lasting
Zack & Geebah, short‑lived but long lasting

As a part of their reedition series of the Tabansi music label, BBE gives a second life to Zack & Geebah’s For the Love of Money. Former members of the band Liberia Dreams, Zack Roberts and Geebah Swaray decided […]

BBE reissues Kabasa’s cult album, African Sunset
BBE reissues Kabasa's cult album, African Sunset

Originally released in 1982 on ephemeral label Lyncell, the South-African band’s third and last album is finally republished by BBE. Kabasa was founded in Soweto by singer and bass player Tata “TNT” Sibeko as well as […]

Secousse Records reissues Sammy Massamba’s cursed record ‘Propriété Privée’
Secousse Records reissues Sammy Massamba's cursed record 'Propriété Privée'

The story surrounding Congolese artist’s 1987 release is so gruesome that he believed it was cursed. Secousse Records is reissuing it – and hopefully lifting the curse. Born in Brazzaville, Congo, Sammy Massamba joined Les Cheveux Crépus in […]