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Congolese‑Belgian artist Baloji pays tribute to 70's live music on TV

Congolese-Belgian rapper Baloji unveils visual for ‘Soleil De Volt’ – a real-fake TV show in the style of Soul Train.

As was so well put by The Fader, “Baloji showcases roughly 500 times more energy and charisma than your average Jimmy Fallon-style late night appearance in his “Soleil De Volt” video”. This first single from upcoming Baloji’s album is a “metaphor for the resilience of people in his childhood home of Lubumbashi, a town where residents only have access to electricity for six months of the year and must come up with creative alternatives in generating power.”

Expected to be surprise by Baloji in 2018. He got more to show: “the video for ‘Soleil de Volt’ is an extract of my forthcoming short film KANIAMA SHOW, a satire about soft power and propaganda on TV. The look is inspired by the Congolese wedding bands with the men dressed in Zoot suits and Gelees,” says Baloji.

137 Avenue Kaniama album will be out on March 29th on Bella Union.

Baloji 137 avenue Kaniama