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Equiknoxx: the dancehall scientists are back

Jamaican crew Equiknoxx just released their album Colón Man via DDS, english duo Demdike Stare’s record label.

Bird Sound Power, released in 2016, was an hugely acclaimed project which featured Equiknoxx’s productions made between the late ’00s and 2015. The Jamaican Dancehall visonary – Gavin Blair (Gavsborg) and Jordan Chung (Time Cow) are the main core – returns with their “first album proper”, Colón Man, recorded between December 2016 and June 2017. Darker and more psychedelic than their first outfit, Colón Man skilfully blends Jamaican riddims and futurist electronic sounds.

The label explains that Colón Man gets its name from a Jamaican tale and song about a “mysterious character” who was “one of over 100,000 Jamaicans who returned from working in Cólon on completion of the Panama Canal.”

This tale becomes “a metaphorical foundation” for the album, which acknowledges “the vital groundwork of previous generations of producers, whilst soundly contextualising their mutant new advancements of Jamaican dancehall.”

Cover picture by Sander de Wilde