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Mélissa Laveaux covers Haïtian folk song 'Nan Fon Bwa'

Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist of Haitian descent announces Radyo Siwèl, her second album on french label No Format.

After doing research on United States occupation of Haiti for her upcoming album Radyo Siwèl, Mélissa Laveaux pays tribute to folk songs made during this period.
“Nan Fon Bwa” is a cover which originally comes from an Haïtian folk song by Frantz Casséus, who was born in 1915. An ode to nature, marked by festivity, exhilaration and Yanvalou dancing, it is a tribute to the richness and hope of youth. For Mélissa, this song is the anthem of “if I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution”. 

Listen to “Nan Fon Bwa” :

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Mélissa Laveaux’s new album Radyo Siwèl will be out 2 February 2017 via No Format.

Melissa Laveaux Nan Fon Bwa

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