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Ekiti Sound shares a vigorous and raw music video for 'Testify'

Nigerian MC and electronic producer Leke, better known as Ekiti Sound, offers a rough music video for one of the hardest cut from his debut album, Abeg No Vex.

‘Testify’ is the third visual from the award-winning debut album Abeg No Vex from Ekiti Sound, it captures the continuing narrative of a juxtaposed existence. The music video represents well the feeling of the song, which tells the struggle of the dream chasers international.

The song clatters the bass frequencies of UK sound systems – from drum & bass to dubstep and funky house – with hip hop and also the styles and traditions of Nigeria. ‘Testify’ is a major cut from Ekiti Sound’s album Abeg No Vex, who is a starkly original record, built up of layered musical histories, fragmented and unified all at once, cohesive in its celebration of difference.

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