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African Electronic Diaspora: a compilation to support  Black Lives Matter
Rey Sapienz © Sophie-Garcia

African Electronic Diaspora: a compilation to support Black Lives Matter

The aim of this compilation is to raise funds for various (inter)national NGO’s, anti-racism advocacy groups and organisations of black initiative, with all proceeds to be donated to these causes.

In the aftermath of Black Lives Matter events around the world, this compilation is a way to keep the flame burning and the dialogue continued in order to build a just future. Bandcamp is deferring all of its revenues to musicians from this Friday’s sales. The objective of this compilation is twofold: first, to raise funds for various (international) NGOs, organizations fighting against racism, xenophobia and second, to stimulate activism more broadly for the defense of human rights.

The artists donated their tracks as part of a collaboration between Rebel Up and international labels such as Nyege Tapes, Syrphe, Bongo Joe Records, Sdban Records, Galletas Calientes, Blanc Manioc, Indigenous Underground, Strut, Earconditioning and 1000Hz Records.

This compilation brings together mainly Afro-electro artists from the global diaspora and some based in their home countries. A vibrant combination of contemporary sounds showcase a sensitivity to black life and culture around the world featuring Polish/Angolan duo Lua Preta, Malian artist Mc Waraba, British-Ghanaian quartet Onipa, traditional vodou musicians Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers, Kenyan artist Disco Vumbi and more.

Listen to our playlist afro + club on Spotify and Deezer

African Electronic Diaspora: Black Lives Matter is available on Bandcamp.


01 King L Man – SMELK (A State of Emergency)

02 Sankara Future Dub Resurgence – Two Thousand Seasons Dub

03 Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers – Negriye

04 Esinam – Gavoé

05 Dandana – Free The System!

06 Disco Vumbi – Ni Wewe

07 Onipa – Nipa Bi

08 Ayuune Sule – Keleke

09 MC Waraba & Dangala – Tèkè Fô Bali

10 Maga Bo – Tempos Insanos feat. BNegão

11 Kuentu i Tambu & Wiwek – Dem A Call It Tambú

12 Duke – Mama

13 Scúru Fitchádu – Manus Planus Danus

14 DJ Dariiofox – Bunker

15 Diron Animal – Tita o Pé feat. Pongo & XPTO

16 Octa Push – Mana feat Bruno Do Show

17 Lua Preta – Somnilokwie

18 Nkom Bivoué – C’est Lancé

19 Lord Breu – Candy

20 Telefunksoul – AJA-YO (Dj Incidental Remix)

21 Akon – Locked Up (808 Bantou Amapiano Mix)

22 Wild/Life – Motho (Edit)

23 AFALFL – bass jungll

24 Rey Sapienz – Omadlisa


26 Kirdec – A State of Uncertainty

27 Plu con Pla – Insistencia

28 Ayuune Sule – How To Get There