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JessB releases a mixtape infused with dancehall, reggaeton and hip-hop

JessB releases a mixtape infused with dancehall, reggaeton and hip‑hop

New Zealand rapper asserts her talent with a new mixtape 3 Nights In Amsterdam.

As thrilling on the dance floor as it is on stage, her music is endowed with infectious energy. JessB masters her style and rhymes with class, like a contemporary Missy Elliot.

The first track “Bullseye” opens the mixtape with an invitation to dance “Do your dance, if you know you something“, all to fiery verses that line up effortlessly. We find her recent single “Shut Up!” leaving a clear and imposing message that testifies to the growing confidence of the New Zealand star. She does not hesitate to join forces with renowned artists like the king of dancehall Rubi Du. A hip-hop top of the line that promises the rapid success of JessB.

Listen to JessB on our playlist Songs of the Week sur Spotify et Deezer.

3 Nights In Amsterdam, now available via The Orchards.


1. “Bullseye”
2. “We That Filth”
3. “09 To The World Freestyle”
4. “Shut Up!”
5. “Pon It”
6. “Drop Nuts” feat. Rubi Du

JessB – 3 Nights in Amsterdam