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Memories from Nyege Nyege 2019

While waiting for the new edition, Nicolas “Covalesky” Richard invites you to relive the Nyege Nyege 2019 in pictures thanks to his live report.

It was a Thursday. To be more precise, September 5, 2019. A marathon of four days of festivities was launched at the source of the Nile, in Jinja and Uganda, under the motto “dance first, think after”.

With more than 300 artists of 30 nationalities, the fifth edition of the Nyege Nyege made a lasting impression. As the 2020 edition is coming soon, it is with emotion that we look back to the memories of the 2019 edition, thanks to Nicolas “Covalesky” Richard and his very cinematographic live report.

Manager, producer and DJ, the enthusiast of so-called “modern/contemporary/electronic/computerised” African music has made this film in order to “try to recreate the madness of Nyege Nyege, the diversity and multiplicity of artists, the energy and the overflowing enthusiasm that reigns there, everything that makes this festival an event that is both unique and also representative of this wave that is rising on both sides of Africa”.

From 3 to 6 September 2020, the festival will continue its journey, with many more distinguished guests such as Kampire, the Nakibembe Xylophone Group and the reggae sound system Ras Clan International, to name only a few.