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Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Festival announces 2020 lineup
Sho Madjozi - Photo: Kanchu (Nyege Nyege Fest)

Uganda's Nyege Nyege Festival announces 2020 lineup

“The Sauce Must Go On” is the rallying cry for this year’s Nyege Nyege Festival. Kampala’s most exciting electronic festival in the world has just announced its big comeback, from 3 to 6 September 2020.

Since its creation in 2015, through the initiation of the labels Hakuna Kulala (Don Zilla, MC Yallah, Menzi, Slikback) and Nyege Nyege Tapes (Nihiloxica, Sisso, Duke, Dj Diaki, Duma), the Kampala event has been at the top of the musical breakthroughs on this side of Africa. “We are clearly boosted by the potential for networking offered by the Internet,” says the festival team. “Retransmission, live report and 360° cameras will allow Nyege Nyege to be experienced all over the world. Especially since this year we want to make the Nyege a vast pan-African affair!”

This year, the festival will explore a hybrid combination of digital experience and in-person event, hosting its signature party in Uganda, while connecting with 25 collectives and many more remote watch parties, all in full compliance with COVID safety measures and Nyege Nyege vibe measures in Uganda from 3 to 6 September 2020.

The festival aims to provide a totally immersive, mesmerizing African party experience, diving deep into the cauldron of contemporary African music and its wider diaspora. Highlighting Singeli, Mchiriku and Sebene from Tanzania, Dennery Segment from Santa Lucia, Gqom and House from South Africa, Balani from Mali, Coupe Decale from Ivory Coast, Kuduro and Afrohouse from Angola, Gengetone and Metal from Kenya, Elone from Gabon, Hip Hop from Kigali to Ouagadougou and Abidjan and Maloya from Reunion Island. Complementing the lineup, there will be special showcases curated by Sahel Sounds in Niger and Mauritania, Nadah El Shazly in Egypt, LaSunday in Ivory Coast, Sun-El World and Pussy Party in South Africa, Jakaranda Festival in Zimbabwe and Jowaa Asokpor Corner in Ghana. The digital happenings and African performance art program will be orchestrated by Violaine Le Fur and will include Cameroonian performance and dance collectives Modaperf, Zora Snake Compagnie and more (see below).

There will be a wonderful international guest collectives joining the party  : Principe from Lisbon, Moonshine from Montreal, Jookoo Crew from Barcelona, AS A SS and Al Hara from Palestine, Bledarde from Brussels and a special footwork showcase with EQ Why presenting the GHB/HAVOC Picnic from Chicago

By exploring the hybrid of the physical and the digital we cherish this totally unique opportunity to explore the full potential of an online component to the festival. We hope to create a moment that will carry these new connections forward, give more visibility to the collectives involved and build momentum towards more collaborations, solidarity and of course amazing music and art.

Nyege Nyege

This year’s DJ lineup: Kampire, Catu Diosis, Slikback, Decay, Afrorack, Turkana, Authentically Plastic, Don Zilla, Faizal Mostrixx, Rey Sapienz, Hibotep, Chrisman, Candidly Reign, Oyisse, Moroto Heavy Industries, Morghiana HZ, DJ Yan, NSASI, Makossiri, Houdini, Dark Meme, G-low, Ras Clan International, The CEE, AO The Walker, DJ Raffa, Mo The Music Collector, Nasselow, Selecta Jay, Ciza, Kas baby, EDN, Zizuke, Acid AB, Dj Final, Seke Seke, Tshe Tshe, Le Meilleur, 2Ballz, DJ Kemishan.

This year’s live acts: Afrigo Band, Chameleon, Cindy, Fulu Miziki, Ecko Bazz, Duma, Otim Alpha, MC Yallah, HHY & Kampala Unit, Congo Tekno Ensemble, Nakibembe Embaire Troupe, Watmon Group, Nilotika Cultural Ensemble, Kalalu, Maata, Kadodi Troupe, Ekuka.

Book now on the festival site www.nyegenyege.com .