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1 week ago

Moonchild Sanelly releases “Bashiri”, her first track with Transgressive Records

South Africa’s most rebellious singer is back with what she comically calls her “own kind of gospel”. 

Via her social networks, Moonchild Sanelly made a hard-hitting double announcement yesterday: her new signature to the English label Transgressive Records and the release of “Bashiri”. The track, more electronic and explosive than ever, is a tale warning her listeners against charlatan pastors who abuse their power to get rich. If the problem is common to many countries on the continent, the song is said to be inspired by the specific testimony of a woman lamenting her husband’s infidelity; in church, her pastor promises to fix everything with a miracle. “Amen! ” the singer sarcastically sings over the instrumental background of Vienna-based producer Aramboa, who mixes gqom and rave better than ever. 

The video, in line with the lyrics, places the singer in a psychedelic religious mosaic. “Bashiri” is yet another provocative track for the singer, in a country where anecdotes of abusive pastors can be counted by dozens.