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South African popsnotthefather unveils "KARMAKOLLEKT" music video

The rising hip-hop star released last month a delicious sentimental rap album, NNNN.

Born Lungani Siseko Mabude, the rapper from Gauteng, South Africa, popsnotthefather has spent a lot of time between the release of his first single “DTF” in 2018, his long and explosive featuring on The Big Hash’s “Save Me” in 2019 and now his full project Not Now Not Never (NNNN).

With NNNN, he makes a smashing entry into the world of R&B, a unique fusion of trap-soul influences, self-adjusted melancholy, with an uninterrupted flowing track list and 808x production. The project is a psychedelic journey into a world of vulnerability, mischief and appearance.

“KARMAKOLLEKT” features Popsnotthefather. The latter comes to terms with a relationship that is coming to an end. In this music video, he exposes himself and reveals the lies, the secrecy and describes his girlfriend’s infidelity and the feeling of having been betrayed.

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