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London sextet Afriquoi unveils new single “Bayeke”
Photo credit: Jally Espeut

London sextet Afriquoi unveils new single “Bayeke”

The British supergroup shares a new title from their new EP Time Is A Gift Which We Share All The Time scheduled for June 19.

After two albums, Afriquoi is back with a new EP: Time Is A Gift Which We Share All The Time. Taken from the lyrics of “Ndeko Solo”, the title of the EP is inspired by Mandinka wisdom to remind us of “the permanent joy of existing and our intimate connection to all and everything.”

Recorded at Octagon Studios in the heart of Brixton and recorded with the assistance of Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist, Onipa), this EP allows each member’s individual sound and talent to shine.

Guitarist Fiston Lusambo explains: “we wanted to create a style of music which does not exist yet by combining Congolese guitar, Gambian kora, African Djembe and mixing them with European music… this EP is a result of our work where each of us has put his talent in it, we think we have now something which is what we wanted”.

Time Is A Gift Which We Share All The Time is set to land on June 19 via Mawimbi record label. You can pre-order it now here.